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Massage Therapy is the most rewarding profession. We can see the results of our work right in front of us when working on our clients. Not only do we help our clients feel better, but we also see an immediate impact from the benefits of massage therapy on their life.

Working in the medical field for 10+ years, I always felt that we can do more to help people in need of pain relief from injury, arthritis and the rigors of everyday life.  Whether you are a professional athlete, a hard working individual, a teenager or a senior citizen; everyone wants to function at a high level and feel healthier and Pro’s Choice would like to be there for whoever is in need.  We strive to give our clients just that.

By opening our massage therapy office in Wadsworth, Ohio, we are able to not only help our closest friends, but also our local community.

Office 1

Save 20% off your next massage.  If you used or benefited from our massage therapy services, write a review on our Yelp or Foursquare page to receive 20% off your next visit.

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